About Survivalism

survivalismBeing a survivalist has often been associated as being overly paranoid, conspiratorial, pessimistic, or just plain crazy. Some people do not respect the responsibility of being prepared for all circumstances.  Don’t let anyone make you feel odd about practicing Survivalism.  The same people who call you paranoid, will be the first asking for your help when disaster strikes and they’re in a crisis!

Gather up all the survival tips, survival techniques, and gear that you acquire, and practice.  In a survival situation, it’s just not about having the tools or knowledge, it’s about knowing how to use them.

Try to share your insight and knowledge with friends and family, but don’t overdo it.  Nobody likes a pushy or bossy attitude.  Try to guide them along slowly, and teach them of the possible dangers they could face if unprepared.  Bombarding them with terms like “zombie apocalypse”, “judgement day”, “doomsday armageddon” and “impending doom” is bound to make the skeptics even more skeptical.  Be gentle about it.