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Now that you’ve assembled all of your Bug Out Bag Essentials, you’ll need something reliable and efficient to carry them in.  Although some items, for instance, a tent or portable generator may be too large to fit in your bag, most of the lighter and smaller items can always be within reach and portable.  A rugged and versatile backpack may be a good option.

We will review the three best bug out backpacks we found on Amazon.  Each slightly different from the next.  Hopefully this review will help you pick the best bug out backpack for your needs and gear.


1. Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Tactical Backpack Bug Out Bagbest bug out backpack

The Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Tactical Backpack Bug Out Bag features a modular design, which means it’s basically 3 packs in one.  It features rugged, weather resistant 600 D Nylon, a detachable deployment pack (includes a waist or shoulder strap), and a velcro ID panel to affix your favorite patch.

Since it’s able to be broken down into 3 sections, it is a very versatile choice when either distributing gear to others or just taking the necessary gear for a specific task without carrying the full load.

With many compartments, this backpack would be ideal for the very organized survivalist, whereas each pack could be reserved for different gear.  (First Aid, food, tools, etc.)

It is available in 3 colors to match your terrain or personal preference.best bug out backpack

Key Features:

  • Modular design, virtually 3 packs-in-one
  • Weather resistant 600 D Nylon construction
  • Heavy duty self healing zippers tipped with paracord 550 pulls
  • Detachable deployment pack
  • Velcro ID panel – Includes VVV Gear Shield rubber patch

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2. Explorer Tactical Bagbest bug out backpack

The explorer tactical bag is next on our bug out backpack list.  It has a multitude of zippered pockets and compartments.  And since laptop computers, to some, may be considered a necessity, it has a long pocket compartment for that as well.  It’s main compartment is a cavernous ruck sack, so larger items can be fitted, although with not much organization, however the many smaller compartments can be used to keep specific items organized and at the ready.

Front compartments keep things very accessible, two handguns, for example, could be kept at arms reach, as could cell phones, small tools, first aid gear, and other smaller items.

This backpack is hydration ready, meaning a water bladder can be fitted and water hoses routed.

Available in 4 colors.


Key Features:best bug out backpack

  • 6 Zippered pockets, 2 in front, 4 on the sides
  • 4 military style pockets with buckle, located in front
  • 2 gun pouch for hand gun, cell phone, or personal items at the waist
  • Hydration ready
  • Long pocket designed for laptop storage
  • Lifetime warranty

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3. Monkey Paks Tactical Assault Military Army Style Backpackbest bug out backpack

Although the Monkey Paks Tactical Assault Military Army Style Backpack isn’t the largest backpack, it comes with an included removable 2 liter hydration system.  This pack would be ideal for water and food or first aid supplies, since it is a smaller, yet more portable backpack.

This rugged bug out backpack features five separate compartments for easy organization.   Four of those compartments have double sided, smooth rolling zippers, while the fifth compartment is closed with a velcro tab.  This fifth velcro enclosure is recommended for the water bladder.

Each compartment has built in organizers to keep your gear even more organized and tidy,

This bag has compression straps, which means its size can be reduced for more portability and size constraints.  It can be slung over your shoulder for light loads, or worn with the padded shoulder straps and hip belt for a heavier weight and/or longer journey.


Key Features:best bug out backpack

  • Built with heavy duty water resistant 600 D Nylon
  • Side and top mounted compression straps for compressing or expanding for content requirements
  • 5 Total separate compartments
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and hip and chest strap for comfort
  • MOLLE and PALs compatible
  • Vented and padded back panel
  • 2 Liter water hydration system included
  • Available in 6 different colors

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Hopefully we’ve given you an idea of what we think the best bug out backpack could be for you, but only you would know what fits your situation best.  Compile your own list of requirements and pick the best bag for your needs.  Make sure to get familiar with your pack, so it will become second nature if you have to use it in an emergency situation.



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