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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

As we mentioned in our Bug Out Bag Essentials Article, water is a very important component of survival.  The ability to purify water, or to filter a water supply increases your chances of survival immensely....

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Entrenching Tool (E Tool)

The Entrenching tool (also referred to as E Tool) is basically a shovel.  As simple as that sounds, entrenching tools are far more useful than being used just as a shovel. They have been...

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Quietest Portable Generator Reviews

Although the ideal survival situation wouldn’t involve any reliance on electric and electronic appliances and devices, things like cell phones, heaters, radios, lights, and hot plates would make things a lot more comforting in...

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SOG ICE Companion

Handy credit card sized toolkit for anytime accessibility.   2-inch serrated edge knife Tweezers Toothpick Bottle/Can opener 8x lens Compass Awl Ruler Limited lifetime warranty        

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Bug Out Backpack Reviews

Now that you’ve assembled all of your Bug Out Bag Essentials, you’ll need something reliable and efficient to carry them in.  Although some items, for instance, a tent or portable generator may be too...