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bug out basicsWelcome to Bug Out Basics. You will find many helpful tips, resources and information for a variety of survival and emergency situations.

From natural disasters to civil unrest, it is your responsibility to keep yourself and loved ones safe and prepared.  This doesn’t take a lot of money or resources.  Making yourself prepared can be done incrementally, it doesn’t have to be all at once.  For every supply or tool you buy, the greater your chances are to endure an emergency if it arises.

Information and a plan of action are things that require no money, just time.  We will try to provide you with information and tips to help keep you safe, and prepared.  Everything we have on this site are suggestions.  We urge you to do much more research than just reading this site.  Although we will try to educate the best to our ability, no one site can cover everything.

Information articles are posted on the left sidebar.  Visit our blog for frequently updated tips, news, and reviews.

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