Where To Bug Out To?


where to bug out toNow that you’ve decided to bug out, where to bug out to?  Obviously this question should be answered well before you actually bug out.

As with all questions, the answer is based on certain situations.  If escaping approaching wildfires, nearby wooded areas probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

So, where to bug out to?

Depending on your resources and connections, this answer will be different for many.  Some may have a cabin in the woods, stocked with food and supplies, ready to go.  Others may choose to meet up with others, who may have that cabin in the woods, or end up bugging in at a friend or family member’s home.  Wherever you decide, make sure that location has the proper supplies and resources.  Food, water, and shelter are the concerns here.

Ideally a very remote location, accesible with little difficulty, in an area that you’re familiar with, would be the best place to escape to and be safe.  As with other preparations, having a plan and executing that plan is crucial.  Bugging out with no destination may prove more dangerous than just staying home.

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  1. Ok that would be nice if my family had a cabin in the woods, but we dont. I live in the derert in Arizona so staying here really isnt a option. So where sould we head national or state parks??

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