Emergency Food Supply

Since sustenance is the most important part of survival, Emergency Food Supply is one of the most important details when preparing for an emergency scenario.  Many of the tools and techniques used in survival situations, while they ultimately contribute to survival, make living more comfortable and efficient.  Food and water are far from convenient items, they are fundamental to living.  That is the reason why they should not be overlooked as essential survival elements.

There are many types of survival food available, only limited by budget and storage constraints or portability.

MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

  • MREs are used by the military as a lightweight and nourishing meal ration.  Some add amenities like, utensils, napkins, sugar, salt, and gum.  Some MREs even include beverages or hot sauce, depending on the type of meal.  Better MREs include a flameless heater to heat the food.  Shelf life is usually around 5 years, but that can be extended by keeping them in temperature controlled environments.

Freeze Dried Foods

  •  Freeze dried foods, although not as robust as MREs provide sustenance in a very portable and simple package.  Since the food lacks moisture, its shelf life is upwards of 25 years or more.  Because of this, Freeze dried foods are a good solution for long term emergency food supply.  Water is required to prepare freeze dried food.  Mountain House is a popular company that produces freeze dried foods.  They have food available in cans or smaller pouches.

Water Pouches

  • Water pouches provide a supply of clean and accessible water.  They can be used for drinking or to hydrate a MRE or Freeze Dried product  One of the downsides, however, is that water is heavy and difficult to carry and store.  Another con is the fact that potable water doesn’t have a very long shelf life, 5 years is a typical shelf life.  It may be more advantageous to acquire a Water Microfilter
    for a fresh water solution.

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