Bugging Out

bugging outWhen things are dire and your immediate safety is of concern when at home, bugging out is always an option.  While sometimes risky, bugging out could be a matter of life or death.  Approaching wildfire, floods or other severe weather could make staying at home very dangerous or even impossible.  Civil unrest could also be a reason for bugging out.

If the situation arises, and you do decide to bug out, hopefully you are in possession of your trusty, well-equipped bug out bag.  Aside from your bag, you also need to make sure you grab anything else of importance.  Medications, identification, and other paperwork may be needed.  Especially if your home is in danger of being destroyed by floods or wildfires.

Since many necessary items are used daily, there will be several things that can’t be packed in your bug out bag beforehand.  A checklist would be a good idea to remember what needs to be taken when you’re ready to go.

Make sure to lock your house up.  It may also be wise to shut off your home’s gas supply with a gas shut off wrench.

Making the decision to bug out could be a tough one.  For more on that click here: Bug In or Bug Out?

Now that you’re bugging out, and everything is all set and you’re ready to go, Where To Bug Out To?

Another good question… What is a good Bug Out Vehicle?



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