What Is The Best Bug Out Vehicle?

Ok, you’ve planned your bug out bag, you’ve decided where to bug out to, what’s left?  How to get there.  So, what is the best bug out vehicle?what is a good bug out vehicle

As with all the other questions we try to help with, it all depends on your personal situation and needs.  There’s really no specific answer.  If travelling alone, a smaller car would be fine.  If bringing a lot of gear and supplies, a truck would be beneficial.  If carrying many people, an SUV would be the way to go.  If planning on travelling on rough backroads or in snowy environments, a 4 wheel drive truck would help.  If driving long distances, a fuel efficient 4 cylinder would be more efficient, and the list goes on and on…

There is no one best bug out vehicle for every family and situation, so you’re going to have to think about this one, or simply make due with the vehicle you already have.  Of course, you’d prefer it to be reliable.  Breaking down in a disaster situation isn’t very much fun.

Whatever vehicle you chose, know your way around the engine and be familiar with regular maintenance parts and diagnosing and fixing as much as you can.  Make sure your bug out vehicle has a set of tools especially ones that are commonly used on that vehicle.

If travelling long distances, especially if you’re in a situation where gas stations may either be closed or scarce, carrying a couple of full 5 gallon gas cans could help you go the distance.  Preferably, these would be filled beforehand.  If you do decide to store gas, rotate your gas, since gas does go bad.  Having this extra gas on hand is also beneficial if you have to switch vehicles for a reason.

In extreme emergency situations, the question “What is the best bug out vehicle?” could be answered with “Whatever vehicle you’re in.”.

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  1. Dan says:

    For a person traveling solo, a motorcycle with saddlebags or a dirt bike will get you through areas much easier than a car can. Motorcycles limit the ability to carry many items, but unless you plan on living out of your car then you want to pack only what you can carry on your back anyway. The most fuel efficient vehicle and the most mobile. =)

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